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¡What a month! In this October all of us acquired so much useful knowledge for our preparation and future opportunities.

The first activity was the Quality Workshop offered by the PE, Honorio Crespo - Lean Sigma Manager at Medtronic Ponce. This workshop was incredible, Honorio shows us the evolution of quality in consequent with the world history. Explain how he gain experiences in the Quality areas and how others areas helps him for having a better perspective of the industry. And give us tips for making goods decisions in our future careers as engineers.

In the same week we haved a Info Session by Maryann Batista, Operational Excellence Manager at Caribbean Refrescos. Maryann explain to us the evolution history of the company and talk about the experiences she haved as a engineer. Of course she bring us the opportunities that Caribbean Refrescos offer for students as interns or COOP. This company always has been there for the development of our members, in this semester we have five members developing in the company.

Your mentor and officers know that you guys wants the opportunity to introduces yourself into the industry as a student intern or COOP for apply your knowledge gained in our campus and explore your future daily day as engineer. That’s what we informed to all of you the AMGEN Info Session “How to Land your Dream Job”. An opportunity for our members and all engineering students of the UAGM to learn more about how they can get that’s opportunities and gets better results in the searching of it. ¡This activity are a reclutement too! And we are very excited for keep bring it help to all of our members so that they have a simple search for development opportunities.

The last activity for our members in the month of October was the Resume Workshop, with the speaker: Dr. Ana Rosario - Human Resources Manager at Walmart. In this activity we talk about how view ourself to growth and how perform a good standing in an interview opportunity. Dr. Ana Rosario give us some tips for making our resume one that impacting and impress in according with the job that we are applicate. In the final part of the Workshop the members have a development conversation with Dr. Ana Rosario and some interview exercises.

¡All this in ONE month! We are very excited for what is coming in the nexts few months of the semester. Some of the Activities are exclusive for members ¡They always have privileges in OUR organization!

For the month of November, you can register for these events:

· Title: Supply Chain Workshop

Date: November 17, 2021

Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Platform: @Teams

· Title: Regalando Sonrisas De Navidad

Date: December 1, 2021

Contact: IISETAINOS@GMAIL.COM or Direct Message