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¡Happy Thanksgiving Month! As an association, we want to express our gratitude to everyone for participating and supporting each of the activities that we put forward with great effort.

We start this month with Boston Scientific's Official Project Management Seminar. In our culture of interest in industry and management, this activity matched in perfectly. We learned what tools, skills, and approaches are required to improve the efficiency and innovation of both companies and organizations. We also had a rudimentary understanding of the implications of smart decision-making, strategic planning, and risk management.

The "SUPPLY CHAN WORKSHOP" with Sam Espada as the speaker was one of our events. Sam is a graduate of our industrial engineering and management school, and he currently works for Google, one of the world's most prominent information search engines. We learned about his early experiences in the sector and how he progressed to become Google's Global Supply Chain and Distribution Leader. It was an educational engagement for all those there, as well as a fantastic source of the academic drive at this point in the academic year.

We're thrilled about what's in the plan for the rest of the semester. Members always have privilege in OUR organization, so some of the activities are special to them!

For the month of December, you can register for these events:

· Title: Regalando Sonrisas De Navidad

Date: December 1, 2021

Contact: IISETAINOS@GMAIL.COM or Direct Message