Hello again, members. We have reached the end of the academic year, and we really hope that you have overcome all the challenges that you have experienced this term. This month is difficult for a huge portion of the present board; the great majority of us finish our academic degrees (which we are grateful for), and as a result, we will no longer be able to lead in this organization that has given us so much. But we know that the incoming board of directors is ready to work for and with you, so we go with knowing that our chapter's legacy is in excellent hands.

As a summary of our activities this month:

First, we must mention the activity “Ingeniería Industrial: Una Carrera Todo Terreno”. Our resource was the Ing. Nelcar Rivera, PhD from AMGEN. Ing. Rivera explained us about the that led him choose industrial engineering as a major and to contribute in the field. He evaluated the opportunities available in the sector and compared industrial engineering to other disciplines. We appreciate Ing. Rivera for demonstrating the extended opportunities in all industries that our engineering can provide.

In other hand, we want to highlight that this month we managed to carry out our first plant tour since the pandemic started! We were very excited when the news was confirmed with the company, Boston Scientific. They received us with open arms, gave us personalized souvenirs and provide snacks to all the members present. Meanwhile, they told us about their company, its future mission and we were privileged to see all its manufacturing facilities. It was really a great experience; we thank the Boston Scientific team for making us feel at ease from the moment we arrived, and we hope that this will be the first of many of these activities.

Finally, we'd want to congratulate all the members who took on the challenge of leading our chapter. We really hope that you will fill these roles with love, devotion, and bravery. They are the university's emblem for the industrial engineering department, which carries a lot more weight in these epidemic times when most students have been remote. The journey will be filled with numerous adventures, sacrifices, growth, and wonderful memories. Remember why you chose to take on this task, and best of luck to every one of you.




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Written by:

Pedro Jr. Reyes Colon - Vice-president

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