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Greeting members, we are halfway through the academic term, and we hope you are all doing excellent in your current courses.

On the other hand, as a board, we want to keep you informed of everything that happened and everything that is to come in our association. We will have many crucial activities in the coming dates, and we urge you to keep an eye on all our digital platforms. We want them to take advantage of all the opportunities provided and be part of the chapter's decision-making.

As a summary of our activities this month:

We started with the “Experience Panel” activity, which was designed specifically for internship and co-op topics. In it, we have 4 students from our university who have had the opportunity to develop in the work environment as panelists. We asked each of the panelists general questions sequentially about the situations they have faced according to the stages of the process. And in the same way, any type of doubt or question that each member had about the topic was added as a topic of discussion for the panel. Without a doubt, our members left this activity with a more realistic perspective of what is done in these opportunities.

Our second activity was the "Power BI Workshop", offered to us by Eddy Ramon. In it, we could see how large amounts of data are handled in companies and how we managed to have an effective visualization of them. We saw how to filter information and make dashboards for interpretation. This activity helped us a lot to introduce ourselves to this magnificent software, which in the future will help us to make more precise and prudent decisions. And we couldn't miss our annually successful "Panel of Women Engineers." In which we know a little more about the process by which these women engineers who graduated from our institution manage to break barriers and reach leadership positions in their companies. The development they had in their academic and work training. Just as they took every opportunity to show how valuable they are. This activity does not always inspire our members much and is one with great meaning for us.

Our last activity of the month was the talk "Project Management & Strategic Leadership", offered by Eng. Jesús Delgado. It explained the necessary tools to achieve effective project leadership and the necessary capabilities to stand out in this branch. In the same way, I tell us about the different certifications with weight in the market and how to reach them. We thank Mr. Delgado for giving us a little of his time to be with him.

Remember… members always have privilege in OUR organization, so some of the activities are special to them!

For the month of April, you can register for these events: