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IISE TAINOS – February 2022 UPDATE

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

¡Hello everyone! This month, our mission was to provide them with more activities that would give them a broader perspective on the process of familiarizing themselves with workplace and assist them in improving their network skills.

Therefore, we are starting this month with Panel 1:1 – Internship/Co-Op Experiences. In which the members have answered all the doubts they had about the related topic, both the process to obtain it, as well as the basic skills necessary to be successful in these opportunities in the work environment. Each member had the opportunity to interview more than 2 board members according to their interests. Our chapter is committed to helping our members introduce themselves to the work environment through these opportunities and we will continue to carry out activities that support this purpose. Stay tuned!

In the same way, we program activity with our past former president so that each of our members has a professional and striking presence on the LinkedIn social network for their search for opportunities. It was intended to explain the important features to have a complete profile and how to also expose ourselves according to the algorithms of the network. We had a brief explanation about how to get and share content that adds value to our interest to both us and our contacts. In short, this activity was very helpful both for those who are starting and for those who are already established in the social network, we thank our former president Ethan Rodríguez for his commitment to our chapter.

Our last activity of the month was the successful Panel BD, in which we had as panelists engineers graduated from different engineering areas of our university. This activity was open to anyone who is interested in knowing more about our field regardless of their area of study and can see how other engineering is related to industrial engineering. All the panelists started the company as interns and told us how they managed to settle down to their current positions. They answered various questions that went beyond just getting opportunities, but also explained their strategies for good performance and effective bonding with co-workers.

We're thrilled about what's in the plan for the rest of the semester. Members always have privilege in OUR organization, so some of the activities are special to them! For the month of March, you can register for these events:

  • Title: Experience Panel (Internships/Co-Op’s)

Date: March 1, 2022

Contact: IISETAINOS@GMAIL.COM or Direct Message